Thursday, 16 August 2012


After 8 years since my first appearance at falcon studios here I am again a little older,wiser and hairier. Still, not bad for a 40 year old. Summer Lust is now available to pre order on the falcon store.


Dylan said...

You know, I've been thinking about that for months and I needed to say it to you. If there was (Oh Lord I hope so) a gay porn parody of The Avengers, I would totally see you as Tony Stark ._. You're goatee's about the same it bugs me, I feel like I'm watching Tony Stark. I pray for a gay parody of The Avengers to come out, I can totally picture a handsome Captain America fucking you as Stark. You would have a hell of a job during a movie while playing such character because, we all know that Tony Stark is a slut and very proud to be.

There, I said it -huffs-. Else than that, I love your work, especially Priest, this was just ridiculously hot. You're my favorite gay porn actor and I just dream that one day I would bump into you, I would totally buy you a drink and have a talk, you look like a very nice guy. Yes, there is still people who don't tell you they want to fuck you to seem nice to you. Alright you're a porn actor but you're a human being and being a porn actor doesn't mean you're a slut in everyday's life. Anyway you know what I mean. This kind of disrespectuful behavior happens to me a lot and it bugs me, just because I openly am a Master doesn't mean I like people to come up to me and say "fuck me". Poor them, if they knew what BDSM truely is, they think it's only about raw sex. Anyway, enough talked about me. (sense the self obsessed guy? I know.)

So, you're handsome, you're adorable while eating popcorn, you have an adorable smile, an adorable face, it makes the whole thing a bit wrong in your movies -laughs-. Anyway, just to say, keep up man, you're awesome and I would totally love to have you as a sub.

Anonymous said...

you're 40YO!!! you look awesome!! man I wish I'd look like that when I'm 30 lol!!

Xersex said...

Dean you're so marvellous. I'm enchanted and amazed!