Thursday, 19 April 2012



Cate Linn Citze said...

hm.... bro... i want to bay it! But its so expensiv. If i bay your book i have to live 69 days whit no food. I want to help you as much as i can.... Your my bro so i don`t want to let you down. And pls read my @mail`s.... Love you bro and the book is looking good.

musicman said...

soft cover at cheaper price are available ?

dean said...

no for the moment im afraid

002_Illya said...

Hi, Dean.
I congratulate you on your publication of your book.
Honestly it is too expensive for me.
After thinking for a while, I decided to buy it.
However, there is a problem.
It is how to manage my life ,for a while.
Because, to buy your book, my food expenses for two months have been used.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to arriving your book.

guapo321 said...

i love to have this book but is to expensive but i goin tov try to buy it i love you dean

guapo321 said...

i want to have this book and i try to buy it as soon as possible love you sean im a hugh fan

Cate Linn Citze said...

I just got it sweety..... it is good! I em so happy to see your book.... Thanks for doing this!

002_Illya said...

At last your book reached my hand.
It is a very beautiful book.
And the photographs in the days of your childhood was very pretty.

Other sentences were not so, but I read through your last sentence.
I had a premonition when I knew that you publish a book.
I cannot help feeling sad because my premonition became true.
If you change your mind, I am very happy.

Maybe I should feel happy because you are living somewhere on earth.
This is because I know that the life always comes together with the separation.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dean, I bought the planner and wanted so much to buy the book, but 215 euros! that's a month salary in Poland! I know you have to do nothing with it, but really those people producing the book are really disappointing :(