Monday, 19 December 2011



Anonymous said...

oh men you is hot! I from Brazil and i crazy for you
i so crazy for look your ass

Anonymous said...

oh men you is hot! I from Brazil and i crazy for you
i so crazy for look your ass

Walt Utz said...

Happy Holidays Dean!
Best wishes for 2012

Lots of love.


Ty said...

Wishing you all the best! Love the wink!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Handsome and Best Wishes for the coming year. Your meticulous eye for detail is going to make this new book a smash, can't wait.
Your friend from Austin, TX

Roicas A said...

Happy Hollidays Dean.

See you in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean!
Great memory of you at Hustlaball Berlin 2010.
More handsome and sweet pornstar I never seen.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Dean,
Hope Santa brings you a nice big new watch you can wear in your future videos.


vortex said...

0mg,, ure a handsome man...xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Dean,
Happy Holidays and may 2012 have even greater things in store for you.
Hope my Christmas dream comes true to see some videos of you wearing some nice, masculine watches...


The Bottom Student said...

Happy Holidays and Wonderful 2012!
It was really very polite your act, Dean, sending the message. Really very polite!
I´m suspect to talk, because I consider you a gentleman, according to what I read about you.
You are not only an extremely beautiful and charming man, you are also an agradable person.
Your smile is brightbul and your message is charming. You have a special presence.
You know: I don´t like so much pornography. I am very serious about sex, too, but I don´t judge your option. For me, I can see clearly the "Dean, human being" and this being is who has my interest. I prefer the singer Dean or the actor Dean (for films like RASPBERRY REICH, what I think it´s already a classic between some cult gays). With me, I keep my studies about the BOTTOM CAUSE. It´s something very serious for me. With happiness, I see things are changing and even the tops are learning to treat respectfully the bottoms. It´s a progress, without doubts.
So, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, handsome! Thank you for the message and have a lovely 2012!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dean!



Brad said...

Merry X mas Dean you are a real hunk. I agree with Ken that Santa should bring you a nice big Timepiece to wear on your wrist during many of your future videos. Amazed to see another fan of yours who has a watch fetish like me. Anyways, have a great X mas and a Happy 2012

Mitcus Valacaus said...

merry christmas e good nice file. Happy new year 2012.

mitcus valacaus said...

happy new year 2012. Your fan Mitcus Valacaus from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

happy holidays man. Best wishes for new year. But buddy why don0t you reply our messages At least say thanks man we love you.

Anonymous said...

idk , i been crazing about you this week lately your such a sweet human
and Honorable and genius , your face impression is fantastic and perfectly and make me fallen to you <3 wish can meet you person in person but who am i im just a fan , but happy holiday to you too and hope the best for your in 2012 .. <3 love u !!