Sunday, 13 February 2011


When I was a kid at school on Valentines day I was the only one who got the obligatory rose from the teachers because no other student would send me one. I had a disliking of St Valentine since then and till now Iv never been very lucky in love. I think its destiny.


Anonymous said...

you'r a porn actor Dean, how come you want long term relationships with someone? THink about the other person and how he feels dating a porn model.

it's great for u that u can have success and all that, but... face it. Your choices in life always have consequences.

Frank said...

Will you be my Valentine? ;)

Anonymous said...

As for dating someone like you ... you are very attractive, but your image as a porn/power bottom is rather intimidating to most men. I mean, when you are promoted to take 80-90 inches of dick etc in a film, who could live up to pleasing someone that could take such? Hey, I'm a pretty secure dude but... And, unfortunately, in general, culturally gay men don't mate like heteros, it just easier to move on and look for what they perceive to be better it seems, even when you look as great as someone like Dean. Despite Dean's image, I suspect he is a real sweet person, with a big heart. Dean, if I was around you, I would ask you out for a Valentine's day dinner with roses and hope for a nice conversation and ... who knows ... Hope your V-day is special! Best, :)

Kenny In San Antonio said...

I thought you had a special someone in your life already...never the less, I think getting beyond the surface and what others perceive you to be that you have a great heart and are a real sweetheart of a man

A person who studies seriously the matter said...

First of all, I think it is necessary to clarify some things and the first is: "power bottom" or no, it´s not reason to intimidate anybody.

I am a bottom and I am very serious. I don´t have sex life, I didn´t do many things in sex - like threeways and other things, because I don´t agree with some of them -, but I don´t understand why someone can think a "power bottom" can intimidate other person. If a "power bottom" can intimidate, with sure, is less than a top, because a bottom is receptive and a top is the person who penetrates - and some tops are not gentle -.

About lack of relationships, I think this situation is general, with porn actors and common people, bottom and tops. The number of divorces develops every year.

I am an example. I am the type of "angel bottom", who waits for the loved being and I am without boyfriend now. So, should I be loved because I am considered "pure"? No. In my opinion, persons should be loved due to their souls, not because they are "this" or "that". Nowadays, I could understand my real Christian education when I started to avoid judgement and exercise more compassion.

And I am not sure if a job as porn actor can intimidate somebody. For some, yes, but it can attract other type of person - of course, it´s important to talk about the difference between the job as porn actor and the feelings of the human being, who pays bills with this job -. So, a porn actor is not obligated to wish sex during all time. One thing is the job, other things are the feelings and wishes of the person. It´s different.

These questions are serious and important. As a bottom, I have been studying seriously, during and, now, after College, and reading about them in serious books of Psychology and the matter is one of my frequent themes of study. I started studying homosexuality and its general manifestations and, after some years, I saw the reality of the porn actors. And we are not different of heterosexual persons: they have porn actors, too, but they are called "straight porn actors".

For you, dear DEAN MONROE, I send a very warm embrace, from bottom to bottom, during this Valentine´s Day, not with some sexual conotation, but a generous and brotherly embrace, as an embrace should be between a person who respects the other one. I will pray with devotion and faith for someone very special to appear in your life.

I don´t judge you or any other porn actor, because I don´t think you have more or less right to be happy than me or everyone. You are you and it´s all, because each person is a single universe.

HAPPY VALENTINE FOR EVERYBODY BECAUSE EVERYBODY DESERVES TO BE LOVED: for everybody who wrote here and especially for you, DEAN MONROE, even I don´t know you!

Finally, I remember this day it´s not a day only for carnal love, but for all types of love and frienship. So, MUCH LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP FOR EVERYBODY!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Dean. Each and everytime, when we, your fans click onto your site, watch your videos, read up on your latest news and attend your appearances, we are sending you Valentines to one of the sweetest, warmest, most talented, most beautiful man in the world...that is you. You, Dean are THE Valentine for your fans.