Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Here at Menatplay Headquarters we are bursting with excitement to announce the hotly anticipated return of the international porn star Dean Monroe. Dean was one of our original MAP Men back in 2004 and still remains a firm favourite with members, and we are thrilled that he has chosen Menatplay for his big return after his two year break.

We spoke with Dean who said " I have a long history with MAP. It was one of the first shoots I did many years ago when I first got into the industry and since then have shot again and again for them.The guys are great to work with and the material they shoot is very stylish and of high standard. Many of my fans always say that their favourite shots of me are from Map. Well I was thrilled to do this new story with them and I hope you enjoy it too."

To mark this event we have teamed him up with our newest star Axel Brooks, who caused a big splash last month with his debut production 'Nasty Boys' which quickly became one of the Top 10 films ever on Menatplay as voted my members.

'Forced Entry' starring Dean Monroe and Axel Brooks will premiere on on Friday 26th March. Here is a sneak preview of Dean in action. Further promotional material to follow


Marlon said...

I love that 2nd pic, you allows pack the heat! One day I will watch Black Balled!

I like your single! It's fresh and fun!

Bradly said...

Super Hot!

Anonymous said...

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