Wednesday, 19 March 2008


I wanted to wish everyone a very happy easter weekend and if you are anywhere else except london then I hope you have sunshine and blue skies because here its gonna be a miserable one.


sebastian said...

dean! have a happy one too, dont let the weather ruin your days, cuz u shine by yourself ;) lov the pic btw, lov u all!

Ty said...

Happy Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, dean

Have a nice happy Easter too!!

Warms Hugs from North of Brazil


Anonymous said...

U 2!!!

Soo glad I found ths site! I love you and your work! You are a true inspiration and dynamite muse for this soon-2-B published author.

Where can I get my hands on your films?

My editor Dashill would LOVE to see your feet. :D

Mike D said...

Happy Easter! Keep a positive outlook and all will go well :D

Anonymous said...

Dean. In the London rain and fog, YOU bring sunshine and blue skies. You are breathtaking in your beauty and have a sweet soul.

Happy Easter.

Don :)

PS I LOVE the new picture.

olordevampiro said...

I wish a happy easter and happy days to you! I like you very much!
From Sérgio, Brazil

Dick Grayson said...

Dean, Happy easter intimate dream...



Tallulah Morehead said...

And have a lovely Easter yourself. How I'd love to have you fertilize MY Easter eggs. (Although mine are a tad hardboiled.)

As for weather, you should be here, lying on top of me. I'm in Los Angeles, and it is bright, sunny, and 90 degrees, almost as hot as one of your movies.

Cheers darling.

Pholix said...

here was a rainning day as well (São Paulo) anyway, who needs the sun to eat chocolate! lol

Anonymous said...

I just wish I had your eggs in my basket. :-)

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