Wednesday, 31 October 2007



paul said...

That was great! video blogging is so fun and your much hotter in video form! thanks for sharing with all of us its cool to watch your porn stuff and say what a hot man. nice ass, cock, body, preformance...ect gorgeous then to look you up and get a peek behind the scenes at your personality and life just makes you even hotter and even more charming. good work keep it up!

Waukegan.IL.USA said...

Such a hottie you are!!


That was very sweet =)
Happy Halloween!
Te cuidas guapo.

Kris said...

Dear Dean,
Thank you for your kind words. It was so nice to hear you.
Take care of yourself!
Kristof from HU

alright said...

Hi Dean!!!!!

I’m a Spanish boy (My English is not good…) who reads and visit your blog some months ago. You like my more and I always see your films and my boyfriend and I are in love you. We always see you in action together… jajajaja

This video is so beautiful and thanks you for your words and seen us that you thinking us.

Lot of kiss for you. You are the best!!!!

J�r�mie said...

Thank god for creating you !!!
so cute and sweet !
see you later !

al2007 said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you, good dean


jose said...

hey thanks for taking some time for us.

love ya

Anonymous said...

Dean! you are de best actor, you are de mores sexy actor! an bery beauty boy!!! oh Dean you are mi inspiration!!!

kisses for you life!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean:
you blog is very fun and you are very hot. Sincerly yo're are, in my opinion, the best porn actor.

Luigi from Italy

Anonymous said...

Geia sou Dean

Your blog is amazing and so r as hell, sweet...

Nikos..Athens, Greece

DancingLeo said...

Hey, i just have to say, that you are a star. I , like many other people have been drawn into deans world. And i must say its an intoxicating and very desirable one!

I have to admit, i have not seen any of your adult films but im sure one day soon will find that i have too!

i found out about you from your Film 'The Raspberry Reich' and thought u were fab! you can act, stunning to look at and i felt that you had a good sense of comedy for the film. I saw the film about a year ago but you have been able to stay in my head, totally fascinated with you like many many people are.

i wish you all the luck in the world and much success and happiness. i was also wondering , do u have an address people can send fan letters too?

Love, a baller dancer ....

romain said...

merci! ta generosité est fantastique ! peut etre un jour un petit mot en francais

Dick Grayson said...

Hi Dean!!!
I'm back, thank you to YOU pal'

This year you have changed my life and gave me another vision of pleasure.

Take care yourself handsome, and you know, when you come from to Chicago find me,,, okey???


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog and the video.

You really seem to know to be a very nice bloke.

Keep it up!

Xavier said...

Mi Amor Dean!
I love that smirk towards the end of your video. You probably have heard this a million and one times, you are so adorable and sexy. I wish one day I will have the honor of meeting you in person. At least to shake your hand and look into those captivating eyes. I would stand hours in line just to get an autograph picture of you.
You have me hooked.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean

I love your web. Your so cute and sweet. I love you. The best luck to you. Bye

Christopher said...

Hey Dean, thanks for the video note. It's cool to see the man behind the image... especially when what's on the inside is as nice as the outside.

Hope you have a great holiday season!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dean! I'm Diego and i like you a lot!!! I'm a real fan of you, i've seen lot of your movies - including Black Balled 5: WHAT A GREAT FILME! - and i just wanna tell you that you're the best porn actor for all the times!!!
I live in Argentina (so far away from your dear Europe) and since i discover your page on the net, i almost cry for happiness!!
I wish you a lot of success and happiness, sincerely.
Diego -

Juan Betancourt said...

Dean! I just can't wait to see more of you... simply stunning! greek gods do exist, and you are one of them!
Besos mmmmuuaaah,
Juan ;)

juan betancourt said...

... and that was from Colombia! ;)

Anonymous said...

I liked ur video... it's so cool to communicate with your fans...

take care xxx!

Alex, Athens-Greece

Anonymous said...

my msn :

Anonymous said...

Take my msn, please!!!!

Chris said...

You should do more video blogs (if you have time) It's very cool of you to take time out for your fans like this.

Anonymous said...

how are you dean? my name is rodrigo, i'm from uruguay, your movies get me very horny, my fantasy is that you suck my dick and swallow my cum, my messenger is

you are very hot.