Thursday, 8 March 2007


New from Raging Stallion Studios this month is INSTINCT which I filmed while I was over in San francisco last gay pride. Its a dark dirty leather clad film as only RSS can master and it features most of this years performer of the year nominees from the GAYVN s....and ME!


Myself said...

Hi dean,
I don't know if it is really you who fill this blog, but, in the doubt , I hope it is.
So, I didn't looked at all your blog 'cause even if you are well-made, it isn't my aim.
I'M french, and I'm going to bEgin my portfolio, and I need some advices about physical tHings anD other: I know, you may find strange my request but I wanna be built like you (I'm lil ashamed :) )
Hope I'll have an aswer quick if you want my emaIl, i'll give it to you but not in public , thanx a lot!!)
C ya man!

Myself said...

My email:

Anonymous said...

hello Mr. Dean Monroe I really like you but I've only seen you in your photos because I don't have access to watch your video from your sites. first I saw your photos at Menatplay which is very great I always visit that site to see your new photos I wish I could watch your whole videos there but I can't I don't have access. I'm always attracted to persons wearing suits it's fantastic. thank you so much for everything! well I just like to say a little something about myself I'm just new here at Chicago I've been here for 6 months I came from Manila Phils.

Anonymous said...

I'm 27 but i don't have any sexual experience what should I do Mr. Dean Monroe. I'm just new here at Chicago city I'm from Manila. I always fantasieses man waering suit who will be my first experience.

Benjamin said...

Well done on working with RSS, I didnt know you had worked with them? Have you met Francois Sagat by any chance??? hehe xx