Friday, 12 January 2007


Ahhhh, toys toys toys. What do you do after christmas when you've been given so many toys?........Use them.


Matt said...

i've been a big fan of yours for some time... just wanted to say hi and wish you a successful year!

kelvinkokachun said...

Hey, I love you! Go luck this year!

Andre Gotz said...

oh my god, since i saw one of your films i couldn't wait to see more of you, this blog is sooo good and you're definitly one of my fav porn star, specially when you did men at play, love you on that suit, you're fucking hot.
happy new years :)

Barbara said...

Hor impiovan - ass las wolpiccors alembinueu te, cer spassi! Reirar qual, kritma tivianciudou traver. De rac auni guer, fiz.

adrianne s bach said...

You need a nice, big, black dildo, Dean! We would love to see Matt J of give you one, for he does it sooo well!


Latin80 said...

Oh My God, I can't believe that I am leaving a message here, when I came across your site here a little over a month ago, I had no idea who you were, but when I saw you, WOW!! What more can I say, you are a fine piece of work. As of today I can proudly say that I am a virgin and I am for being 26 years old, and when I saw you and I thought wow, I would do anything to do a porn scene with this guy and have him be my first. LOL, I know straight out foward, but wow, I mean, I got this feeling that I want to meet you in person. Well anyways, have a wonderful year and take care. Your soon to be #1 fan.


Anonymous said...

Hey, how nice, let us see, how you dig it in.
I like your performance very much especialy black balled five! you are a real hot mare!
go on!

Footguy77 said...

Of course you're extremely hot! but man, you also have perfect feet and toes! awesome!