Thursday, 14 December 2006


Anyone who knows me "well", also knows that I have very sensitive nipples. In fact they are so sensitive that I can loose consciousness if they are played with in the right way. Not good when Im driving.....


gapboi82 said...

hi there dean, how are you , i know u get these all the time, but i am a huge fan, since i seen your picture in axm about a year ago, it was a nude issue, was hooked on u immediately...... have left a message on ur website before..... can i ask a huge favour .... would it be possible for a signed picture of your good self, if u could it would be the best christmas present ever in the world...... thank you .... my names michael, i am from dundee, my email address is, if u leave a answer, i can send u my address..... thank you ... and i look forward from hearin from you..xx

Alex said...

Hi Dean,

Thank you for making us discover new places to play. Lots of very nice guys there at menatplay.
Where are they (and you) in real life ?
Take care,

Anonymous said...

So I can honestly say that I have never checked out a famous persons blog, nor have I followed all of your movies. Really I didnt even know who you were. I saw you on queerclick and just thought wow that guy is hot. So I checked out your blog and your pics and then relized you were the devil in Heaven to Hell. Wow is it my lucky day, that by far was my favorite adult movie ever and you were def. my favorite person in the movie. Ok so enough rambling from me just wanted to say hi and I hope things are going well for you. I liked the pic of you when you were thinking bout that special guy, its hard to get past someone you loved and you never stop loving them but you do manage to move on. Anyway I hope things have gotten better for you since then.

Dwight said...

Man, the idea that your nips are so sensitive is really hot. *Drool* :) Happy New Year!

Pete JOHNSON said...

hi Dean

I love your videos

I love to see you in your socks and underwear and of course naked - you have a lovely face and body

I have sensitive nipples tooand would love to caress yours

Happy 2011

loveallthecuteandstrongmen said...

Hi Dean,
I am a big fan of you~btw, my name is Dean too~haha~Can you tell me the name of the video? It it the one with Matt Jordan? I can not find the video that you shot with Matt Jordan, thanks for your help.